What payment methods do you offer?

We accept various payment methods.

   1, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)
If your payment is rejected by the payment system, please check that your account balance is sufficient. If you have any other questions, please ask for help from your card-issuing bank.
   2, PayPal
PayPal is currently the most popular online payment method. It is through your credit card, UnionPay card, electronic check to pay. Easy operation, high security. And it's paying fast, in line with modern spending habits. Your transaction receives PayPal's security system support, you can feel at ease shopping.
   3, Western Union.
If you are using Western Union payment, please send us the following information:

(1) Sender name 10-digit control number.
(2) the sender's address
(3) the exact amount.
(4) your shipping address
(5) 10-digit control number.