Privacy Policy

TotalOpt Privacy Policy
 Thank you for visiting TotalOpt. We respect your data protection and would like to inform you of our privacy policy to maintain your personal information. Privacy policy applies only to this website.
 We collect data from website users in a variety of ways to achieve an efficient and meaningful customer buying experience. E.g:
   * Help you get quick access to information about products and services
   * Create content that is important to you
   * Immediately notify relevant new information, products and services

1, Total Opt How do I collect my personal information?

Login and Order: Customers who have purchased the product on this website must register and fill in the information. Including: your name, gender, shipping address and credit card number, and so on.

E-mail address: On our website you can fill in your e-mail address for the following purposes: send you a promotional notice, inform the new listing and so on.

Phone number: On top of our website, your phone number may be used for the following purposes: SMS confirmation, free notification of new brand or product to shop.

Note: All personal data you provide is hidden.

2, Total Opt how to use my personal data?

Internal use: We use your personal data to process your order. And to provide you with quality customer service. We collect the general information of the site visitors internally to improve the content of the site. Expand our scale, and sell our services and products.

3, Total Opt whether to disclose my personal information?

 We are only selling our merchandise but will never sell or rent your personal information to any third party unless: 

 Courier service: For example, we provide your name, shipping address, and telephone number to your partner (such as DHL or UPS) to ensure the delivery of your order. We also use important customer data to control the quality of courier service companies.
 Credit Card Service: Likewise, we need to process your payment with your credit card provider data. We use the most advanced data encryption technology to protect all your credit card authorization data.